Lighting: Flush Mount vs. Semi-mount

Lighting: Flush mount vs semi mount

You’ve all heard the debate on flush mount verses semi mount ceiling fixtures. So when it comes down to deciding which is going to win this debate, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Firstly, the height of your ceilings are a good indication on which style of lighting would be best for your space.  Next- style is everything! Also, don't be afraid to use multiple different lights depending on your room and space! Just because there is a boob light in every room, doesn't mean they have to be the same! Go out of your comfort zone and try a few different ones to give each space some character of its own.

If you’re looking for a non-intrusive, non-noticeable, or minimal style then a flush mount is your go to.  Flush mount light fixtures hang flush to the ceiling (meaning there is no gap or space between the light and the ceiling) and is best used where space is an issue. Bathrooms, hallways, entry ways, bedrooms, and closets are most likely where you will see these guys and don’t worry—just because it is a flush mount doesn’t mean it has to be the standard boob light we all loathe. Now-a-days there are plenty of other great style options!

If you’re looking for a little more of a statement or décor piece to your ceilings, you’re going to want to go for semi-mount lights. Semi- mount lights (meaning there is usually a gap of few inches between the fixture and ceiling) are the perfect balance between channeling your style and being functional and practical as they are usually more ornate and decorative fixtures. Although they need to be cleaned more often than the flush mount, changing bulbs are much easier and gosh they are pretty! These are great for over dining tables, entry ways, or possibly in replacement of pendant lights or chandeliers. Semi- mounts best work with celings between 9-11 feet in height.

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