Cabinets: Creative Solutions for Laundry Rooms

Cabinets: Creative Solutions for Laundry Rooms


The laundry room poses a particular conundrum for many homeowners: how do you get past all those piles of laundry, especially when it is summertime and the beach is calling? We have your answer: cabinets. Cabinets will allow you to transform your laundry room from dysfunctional to functional.

Homeowners are finding that the location of the laundry room eliminates extra work. Many are installing laundry rooms closer to bedrooms or bathrooms. Although many still find laundry rooms functional in basements.  Any of these locations will be fine when it comes to your laundry, because the cabinets your install will allow you to organize and streamline your home, cutting out more work for you.

Frank Lloyd Wright said “we should learn from the snail: it has devised a home that is both exquisite and functional.” Cabinets can also serve a purpose both in purpose and beauty.

Laundry chutes have been around, but disguise it as a cabinet, and it will allow you to put the clothes into the chute with out giving it away that it is a laundry chute.  Be sure to install another cabinet in the laundry room itself for the chute to connect to.  Installing cabinets in both areas eliminates the eyesore of your dirty laundry and gives your space a cleaner appearance.  

Here are some ideas and inspirations to keep your space looking as fresh as the clothes you've washed!

-Install cabinets to hide entire washer and dryers, laundry bins, detergent, dryer sheets, hangers, etc.

So, with summertime in full force, enjoy your sunshine days and piles of laundry all under the same roof, just install those cabinets first.