Flooring: Tile Styles and Trends

Flooring: Tile Style and Trends

As you may have noticed over the years, technology and science influence our world with no exception to interior design. Thanks to technology the developed of beautiful textural finishes such as 3D, matte, metallics and other stunning looks allowing a homeowner to increase their choices and style.Greg Mather, president of Crossville- the leading tile manufacturing company- said in regards to tile: “Thanks to advanced technology, we’ve been offering more diverse, compelling product offerings for several years now." The demands to design with tiles are rapidly growing because not only are they low maintenance, stain resistant, and long lasting, but also because technology has allowed to create digitally printed tiles stone, concrete, and wood looks.  Another popular trend with these tiles are the size.  When it comes to wood like tile, larger slabs are in making it easier for many homeowners to obtain.

This year at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes we couldn't help but notice some fun up and coming trends as well as some new takes on the classic styles.  We're talking wood plank tiles.  Wood tiles allow the ability to install in rooms that most wood flooring wouldn’t be installed such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, all while giving you the wood flooring look you're wanting.  In addition to these wood planks; both cool and warm neutral colors like the admired grays, white washed, and white marbles seem to be the color options of choice and are popping up in homes. 

For those more daring, there are also some fun, new bold colors and patterns people are installing on their floors to give their kitchens and bathrooms a pop! Various patterns like chevron and herringbone are always going to be a go to install style, but it doesn't stop there!! Mosaics, geometric and hexagon tiles are making their way into our homes and onto our floors and we are obsessed! Take a look at some of these beautiful tile trends... and get installing!