Trim Carpentry: Wood Paneling

Trim Carpentry: Wood Paneling

A beloved world traveling artist and friend once told me,  “I was born with a heart that told me: go, go, go” and here at The Room Co. we couldn’t agree more- especially this time of year. Summertime, after all, has a way of bringing adventure back into the heart after a chilled season. As summer skies stay brighter longer, you may find yourselves doing some globetrotting. Many times the adventures of your travels start in your own backyard. I had never considered touring my own city, but this past week we did. Come to find out there are some fantastic places to see and experience in Salt Lake City, Utah.

One of our stops was a mansion in Sandy Utah called The Villa Bellissima Estate. Although the premises were not taking tours, I was able to enjoy the exterior of the mansion and then look up the interior online. Inside is the most stunning Boiserie wood paneling.

Boiserie is one of many types of wall paneling. This type however is an elaborate wood paneling that can envelop an entire room in ornate colors and decorative design that seamlessly merge into one another: a great hallmark of elegant style.

Many will recall the 1970’s and 1980's vertical wall paneling and an array of frightful images might come to mind.  Despite this unlovely time of wood paneling, the year 2018 has brought a fresh approach that is anything but ordinary and is sure to be a stunning sight in your home. From the man cave masculinity, to modern farmhouse; wall paneling has a broad range of design. 

Many homeowners may not pay attention to those small or awkward spaces in their home, but  giving wood paneling a try can add a fun and playful boost which may be just what that space needs! It is a great way to create a focal point full of character and texture for your home. Try it out as a backdrop for an amazing design piece- or maybe you prefer it to be the star of the show and the main focal point, which then the extra pieces become unnecessary. From walls and fireplaces, to staircases and ceilings there's really no limits when it comes to wood paneling and we are loving it! 

Now,  for those of you who have that 1970's wood paneling incorporated into their homes already, but want to revamp it- all you have to do is add a coat or two of paint to give it a refreshed look! 

A few tips to keep in mind once if you are including wood paneling to your home are: make sure you have measured the space and figured out your budget. Decisions are often times hard to make especially when it comes to choosing a style and color for wood paneling. Many manufactures will send you samples that can assist you in the decision making process.

Ready to be inspired? Here are few ideas to incorporate wood paneling into your own home!