Flooring: Carpet Style and Trends

Flooring: Carpet Style and Trends


I don’t often recommend looking down, but when it comes to choosing new carpet, I would recommend it! So. Look down. Are you a little underwhelmed by what is underfoot? It could be time to step it up with some new carpet. For 2018 we looked at what was trending for carpet and this is what we found.

Modern colors: this is a fun new trend that can bring sharp yet fresh statements in your carpet choices for 2018. 

Neutrals are still and continue to be a well loved carpet choice for 2018. Look for light grays and other neutrals that can be incorporated into any style of home.


Patterned carpet is also a unique and special way to add to your space, such as geometric shaped carpets.

Textures are trending. Not only will you find the new textures soft underfoot, but fun interesting textures are making their way to your living spaces.


Since carpet is all about comfort, plush and shags are making a comeback, you will find the choices have new contemporary feel and look.

Ribbed carpet is making their way into home offices, basements and other living spaces.

Whether you fancy the shag, the pattern or a new modern bright colored carpet, these 2018 carpet trends will give your space a nice change and keep things cozy underfoot.  One piece of advice that can be useful in choosing a new carpet is- find a bring well-lit area to get the best idea in the color of carpet you choose.