Countertops: Marble

Countertops: Marble

Are you shopping around for countertops? Some things to consider are what works best for your space, what’s your style, and most importantly, your budget?  This post will investigate the pros and cons of marble countertops.  There is something to the natural stone marble-look in your bathroom or kitchen!  It is beautiful and timeless. 

Marble is a metamorphosed limestone or dolomite rock and requires some effort to keep in tiptop shape.  It is a very soft and absorbent stone so it can stain and scratch easily and darkens with age.  Also, any type of acid (tomato sauce, lemons etc) on the marble will leave a mark (known as etching).

It can range in price from $75-100 per square foot and warm water and mild soap are all you need to clean it. .  If you love the look of Marble, but it is out of your price range, you may want to consider quartz.  It can give you the look of marble without the maintenance.  More information on quartz can be found here

In a nutshell, here is our summary of Marble Countertops.


Tends to darken slightly with age

Will not match well at seams

Stains & scratches easily

Some chemicals will damage the finish

Requires sealing and resealing

Shows etching and watermarks

Not for outdoor use


Natural stone

Timeless, elegant, luxurious

Helps resale value

Easy to clean


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