Southern Design Style

Southern Design Style

What’s your design style? In this series, we will explore several common design styles. Follow along and become inspired as you learn. Keep in mind that well-balanced homes often incorporate multiple, overlapping design styles.

Whether it is architecture or furnishings, a southern designed home prioritizes hospitality and it exudes warmth.  It can be casual, yet elegant.  It is inviting and at the same time has a twist on the traditional design style.  And don't forget about those deep southern porches, they are a place where people can sit and visit regularly.  There are several other hallmark characteristics of a southern home.  

1. Shaker cabinets with oversized knobs and pulls
2. Wallpaper
3. Mason jars
4. Taxidermy
5. Quilts
6. Antiques
7. Light hues
8. Light, cool metals
9. Fresh flowers and fruits as accessories
10. Traditional hospitality

Whether you live in the south or not, you may want to incorporate some of these in your home!

Erin EbertComment