New Boho Design Style

New Boho Design Style

What’s your design style? In this series, we will explore several common design styles. Follow along and become inspired as you learn. Keep in mind that well-balanced homes often incorporate multiple, overlapping design styles.

New Boho taps into the laid-back, free-spirit!  It is fun, casual-chic and creates a relaxing environment. If you love plants and Moroccan inspired tapestries you're on the New Boho track.  Canopies in the bedroom and bright colors are also other things you'll find in a New Boho inspired home.  Other things you'll notice are listed below.  


  1. Heavy, colorful textiles

  2. Punches of color

  3. Layered patterns and textures

  4. Intricate metals, unapologetic fringe

  5. Unique wall and window treatments

  6. Lots of plants

  7. Bold, botanical patterns

  8. Local art

  9. Well curated, not chaotic

  10. Moroccan influence


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