Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Summer is marching on, but spending time outdoors never gets old. At The Room Co. we value purposeful, beautiful, spaces, both indoors and out. But not everyone has the acreage or the resources to create the outdoor oasis of their dreams. And some of us aren’t natural botanists (hello, my name is Erin, and I have a black thumb). So when it comes to patios, porches, and gardens, most people don’t even know where to start. We have some suggestions:

First, get inspired. You’re probably on your way to Pinterest right now (and if you are, be sure to check out the lovely inspiration we have pinned on our outdoor oasis board).  But browsing online should never be your only source of inspiration. Get out and visit your local botanical garden, nurseries, and the yards of friends and neighbors.

Next, make a plan. Be realistic and work with what you have. If there’s no space in your yard for a water feature or a gazebo, don’t include those in your plan. Just let them go. The idea is to make the space you have work for you. Decide if you need a peaceful retreat in your outdoor space or if you long for a gathering spot to entertain and host summer parties instead.

Finally, choose one (or maybe two) parts of the plan that you can realistically do this summer. Perhaps it’s purchasing a ceramic planter and colorful flowers, (we have our eye on this one), or maybe it’s laying a flagstone patio. By completing small but purposeful tasks each summer, that outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming about won’t seem so far away after all.

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