Hollywood Regency Design Style

What’s your design style? In this series, we will explore several common design styles. Follow along and become inspired as you learn. Keep in mind that well-balanced homes often incorporate multiple, overlapping design styles.

Hollywood Regency design style's roots are in the Hollywood golden era in the 1930's.  The details, color and glamour of this style are catchy and fun!  It is a bold style and opulent in nature. 

1. Glamour, confidence and drama
2. Polished metals
3. Reflective elements (mirrors, crystals, rhinestones)
4. Sophistication and swagger
5. Plush upholstery
6. Black, white, and bold
7. Lacquered furnishings
8. Fanciful Asian inspired details
9. Ornate accessories
10. Bold pattern

Erin EbertComment