Coastal Design Style

Coastal Design Style

What’s your design style? In this series, we will explore several common design styles. Follow along and become inspired as you learn. Keep in mind that well-balanced homes often incorporate multiple, overlapping design styles.

You don't have to live on the beach to incorporate the Coastal Design Style in your home.  This light, bright design style can be yours if you add some of these other visual cues along with it.  Although we note, you don't want to just throw up seashell art and add seahorse pillows everywhere and call it good.  We recommend you avoid getting too themey!

1. Light and bright
2. Crisp, clean fabrics with minimal pattern
3. Pale neutrals
4. Wood floors
5. Natural fibers (sea grass, rattan, etc.)
6. Painted wood paneled walls (shiplap)
7. Light, weathered woods
8. Casual, slipcovered upholstery
9. Found treasures
10. Organic art (coral, sea fans, framed sand dollars, etc.)

Here are some pictures that will give you the idea.    

Also, be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more Coastal ideas!

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