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Pendant Lights

We are big believers in the right lighting, in the right places!  The right light fixtures can, not only fit your practical & functional needs, but also be aesthetically pleasing.  They add charm and can leave you feeling bedazzled. However, it can be tricky to find the best light fixture or know where to use what type of fixture.  Between sconces, chandilers, pendants, ceiling fans, the options are plentiful.  We are going to answer some of your specific questions about pendant lights today! 

1.     What is a pendant light?

A pendant light is a lone light that hangs from the ceiling, like a pendant hangs from a necklace.  They can even be clustered together in groups of two, three or more.  Below are some of our favorites.  We also recommend visiting Lighting Design to shop until your heart is content! It will also give you an idea on price, they can vary from $50-700 a light.

2.     Where can I put pendant lights? 

You might be surprised at how versatile pendant lights are.  They can use used in several places.

  • Over a dining table or island.  
Opal Design Showroom-0036.jpg
  • Hallways:  It works well with tall ceilings.
  • Stairwells
  • Bathrooms: In front or on sides of a mirror.  Keep in mind, sconces are more traditional in a bathroom. 
  • Bedrooms: On the sides or foot of a bed.

3.     What styles are there? 

You can find any pendant light to match your design style.  For example, if you like the rustic design style than you might like this pendant.  Whether your style is farmhouse, shabby chic, traditional, contemporary or transitional, you can find a pendant that will match your space and style. 

4.     How far do I hang a pendant light from the ceiling?

As a general rule, a pendant light should be installed about 36” above the surface that is under it.  And the bottom of the fixture no lower than 6 feet above the floor.  You'll also need to use your judgment and make sure it fits properly.

Okay, so we might not have answered all of your questions, but if you're looking for which type of light bulb to use click here. Or if you're looking to shop for more ideas, click here. Pretty light fixtures are like the sprinkles to your cake...or the sunshine to your beach get the idea!

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