How To: Pantry Organization

How to: Organize Your Pantry

1.     Categorize your items into groups.  Some ideas are cans, paper goods, baking, snacks, cereals, mixes etc.  This way you can begin with the whole picture.  An empty pantry is a good way to start and then add each category back in one at a time.  

1.     Label everything and make items easy to see.

1.     Think Layout and place infrequently used items up high.  For example, paper towels or hot chocolate etc. 

2.     Containers and Lazy susans.  Clear containers help you see what you’ve got and take away some of the bulky big boxes.  Lazy susans help you maximize that awkward corner space. 

3. Make it work for you!  Each family’s pantry will look different.  Find what works and what doesn’t and once you do, enjoy your beautifully organized pantry!


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