Engineered Wood Floors vs. Pre Finished Wood Floors

Wood Floors: Engineered vs Pre-finished

A home is a gathering place, where memories are created.  Certain sounds and smells are  apart of what makes this gathering place, a home. The floors you choose in your home will influence these sounds and memories. Pitter-patter and scuffles of little feet on your wood floors will eventually turn into confident precise steps. Hardwood floors give a home a feeling of warmth. Choosing a hardwood floor takes time and research. So, let's get started on making this home a gathering place full of memories, shall we? 

Choosing a wood floor can be exciting, as it fits any style. But, not all wood floors are made the same. The two types of wood flooring we will discussing are: Engineered and Pre-finished.

1.    Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood, is made with a top layer of actual wood but the rest will be made from plywood and/or other processed wood. The positive side of engineered wood floors, is it can be glued directly to concrete or a sound proof mat. And can be done within a day (depending on your size of space). Typically, it costs less than pre-finished hardwood floors. Choose carefully, as some engineered wood have only a thin top layer of wood, which, does not allow you to refinish it in the future. But, higher end engineered woods will have a thicker first layer which allows it to be refinished 2 or 3 times in its lifetime. 

2.    Pre-finished Wood Floors

Pre-finished wood is real wood through the whole plank. Typically ¾ in. deep and made in a  factory that has a finish baked on at  a high temperature. This allows the flooring more durability and withstands from scratches. It will have bevels and imperfections throughout the pieces. If pre-finished flooring were to be sanded down completely, it would look fake, therefore, the bevels and imperfections is what gives it the character in a positive way! With pre-finished flooring, you get all of the advantages of the factory-applied, extra durable finish, beauty and feel of natural hardwood. At the same time, you also have the option later to sand down past the factory applied finish and change the stain color.

Where you choose to install your flooring always plays a factor in what flooring to choose. Pre-finished flooring should be installed above grade, meaning on ground level or higher. Between hardwood floors and engineered wood flooring, engineered flooring would be the choice for a basement (below grade). But, engineered wood can also be installed above grade. Humidity & climate and how often the floors get wet should be considered. Too much moisture causes swelling and damage on pre-finished hardwood floors - if not cared for properly. While humidity isn’t an issue for engineered wood.

When considering which type, both floorings have positive options. A homeowner will need to consider brand, price, design and location in the home.