How To: Decorate A Christmas Mantle

How To: Decorate A Christmas Mantle

There is nothing we love more than a classy short cut—especially during the holidays. As simple as these 4 steps are to decorate your mantel this Christmas season you will be able to have time to sit or dance your way into celebrating the New Year. We say this calls for a glass of bubbly, sparkling cider.

1.  Choose a focal point. This allows the space to be anchored. A large mirror or a wreath can be a great example of a focal point.  


2.  Use height and different levels by adding vases, stacked books or picture frames which will give the mantel a nice visual interest. This lets your eyes dance around the various heights and avoids the tendency to focus on just one thing.

3.  Add greenery. This is where you can have the wreath or you can drape some garland along the mantel

4.  Objects create interest.  Ornaments or old fashioned items of different shapes and sizes can be clustered or spaced as you choose.

Keep in mind these steps can be used when decorating a mantel outside the holidays too. To give a more holiday feel, when following these steps look for decorations that give sparkle, metallic, glitter or a frosted look to give that extra shine just right for the holidays.