Ceiling Fans

Brace Yourself: Installing Ceiling Fans

Do I need a brace for a heavy chandelier or ceiling fan?

The short answer is yes! Most standard electrical boxes hold up to 50 pounds maximum, so most heavy chandeliers will need a brace.  Some ceiling fans you can get away with using the standard electrical box, but you’ll need to know the weight of the fan.  Basically if you do have to add a brace, you’ll need to remove the existing fixture and add the brace to the joists above as shown in this picture from This Old House.  They give a great tutorial here


Some other things to consider when you’re thinking ceiling fans are outlined below.

1.    Get the Right Size

Getting the right size fan for your space is important.  Equally important is its placement.  Generally ceiling fans for optimum airflow hang eight or nine feet from the floor.  Sizing Guidelines are:

2.    Ceiling Fan as a Light Source?

A ceiling fan can be used as the primary light source in a space, however it also may need to be supported with can lights or additional lighting.  One option we love too is to use can lights and a ceiling fan only (no lights on the fan).  Choices, choices!   

We realize that ceilings fans get a bad wrap, but at times it is worth the 8 degrees drop in temperature in a room! We will stop here for now and save our chandelier post for another day.