All About Double Ovens

All About Double Ovens

If you are looking for a piece of advice, here is an excellent one from Frank Lloyd Wright, “ We should learn from the snail: it has devised a home that is both exquisite and functional.”

With that in mind, what would help your home not only be exquisite, but functional? For example, the kitchen seems to be one of the busiest areas in the home. It is often a place we gather for meals or afternoon snacks all the while cooking, prepping, serving and cleaning. It can be time consuming, so anything that can make life more efficient is worth considering—and that is where a double oven comes into play.

A double oven is just that, two cooking areas instead of one. With double ovens, you can cook more than one dish at the same time, or if you are cooking a big meal-- one oven can serve as a warming area for the completed dishes, while the second oven bakes the rest of the meal.

In case you are considering a double oven, here are 5 tips while shopping:

1.     There are different models, so consider the space your oven will be going. Make sure you have measurements and are communicating that to your sales agent so you get the correct size.

2.     Double ovens are not cheap and can start around $1200 and go up from there.

3.     When shopping, be sure to open the oven doors, pull out the racks and pay attention to what it may feel like if you were lifting out a roaster.

4.     Check the controls and be sure they clearly mark which buttons turns on which oven. You may be surprised when you turn your oven on only to find the wrong oven preheated.

5.     Lastly, ask yourself “is a double oven necessary for your lifestyle? What is your typical usage? Do you entertain daily, weekly, yearly?” These will help determine if a double oven is right for your kitchen.

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