How To: Selecting a Sofa

How To: Selecting a Sofa

Some of our biggest life moments are celebrated on a sofa. For example: I shared with my parents the exciting news. Hand in hand sitting on my parents loveseat – no less, my soon to be husband winked at me as my parents congratulated us on our engagement.  Three years later, I placed in my mom’s arms my newborn baby for the first time. The proud grandma cradled the little pink bundled and nestled down in the sofa cushions for some snuggle time.

Thus, we make room: We make room on our sofas for the cute baby bums, bedtime stories, and spilled nacho cheese as our friends gather for the final touchdown in the playoffs with cheers and high fives.

There are joyous moments to celebrate, quiet memories to embrace and future plans to be made, all on our sofas.

So, we put a lot on our sofas, and not just those babys bums. But, how the sofa looks when first viewed when you walk into the room, or what kind of fabric will be best suitable for your lifestyle. We know how important this is and how daunting it can feel when picking out such an important piece for your home.

We decided to come up with a few questions to ask yourselves as you shop:

 1.    How does it measure up?

Determine the right size of couch by getting measurements of the area you plan to place your furniture.

2.    Does it fit my style?

Consider the rest of the room and how you have decorated it. Consider the style of the room. For example if you host parties or watch lots of games on the big screen in that room, you may want to look at sectionals or an L shaped couch.

Is it a place you like to read or nap? Look for a couch that has a low arm and is rounded so it can be relaxing to lay down on.

 1.    What is it made of?

Consider durability and quality. For example, if you have pets or kids you want to chose a fabric that is easy to clean so it lasts longer and still looks good.

2.    Have you sat on it?

Think on it...literally. You may be surprised at how many of us buy our sofas online without ever sitting on them. If you find a sofa online that you love, seek out a store that carries it so you can sit on it and see if it is comfortable and suits your needs. When buying a piece of furniture that does cost a lot you want to make sure it is just right for your needs.