Carpet vs. Hard Surfaces

Carpet vs Hard Surfaces

When it comes to flooring for your space, there is much to consider. Laminate or hard wood? Carpet or Tile? What is the lifestyle of the flooring area you are choosing - a family room, mudroom, kitchen, etc?

Architectural Digest states “The material and color are always based around the concept of the home and lifestyle of the homeowner.”

One flooring that is perfect for one space may present a problem in another. Rooms like kitchen, bathrooms, entryways , mudrooms are high traffic areas may be prone to more liquid spills, like water or snow or the in-between: mud. You will need something to withstand the elements, such as granite. Think about how you want the room to feel if you are playing with children. For example, a living room or with a hard surface flooring may present a problem if you are showing off your Hulk Hogan Leg Drop to your nine year old son on porcelain tile. Carpet may be a more forgiving choice with those Hulk Hogan moves. Before installing flooring, there are few things to consider like-- the climate you live, what kind of room & size you are installing, the traffic you expect the room to get and your budget.


Pros: Carpet is warm and quiet. It can promote a feeling of comfort, cushion any slips or falls. Bedrooms, living and family room areas for relaxing and soothing, so carpet would be a good choice. The climate also plays a role in flooring. Carpet helps with insulation in cold temperatures and provides additional warmth.

Cons: Carpet gets stained and can be hard to clean. People who suffer from dust or pet allergies can find carpet a culprit to these buildups. Leaks or flooding can be hard on carpet as it doesn’t dry easily so it could create mold.


Pros: Hard surface flooring doesn’t collect as much dust and allergens. They are easy to clean which is a plus if you have small children or pets. Depending on the hard surface, you may be able to replace individual tiles or slats if there is damage instead of entire carpet.

Cons – It can be susceptible to scratches, cracks and even tears depending on the choice of hard surface.

When it comes to flooring there is no perfect choice. There will be pros and cons to every type of flooring. Carpet is the most susceptible to staining and requires professional cleaning every 18 months in order to maintain the warranty. Hard surface may be more durable, but they don’t create the same sense of warmth and refinement that a good carpet does.

Join us later when we learn how to choose a rug. Whether you choose a hard surface flooring or carpet, there is a whole world of rugs to be discovered.

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