Do I need a brace for a heavy chandelier or ceiling fan?

Do I need a brace for a heavy chandelier or ceiling fan? The short answer is yes! Most standard electrical boxes hold up to 50 pounds maximum, so most heavy chandeliers will need a brace. Some ceiling fans you can get away with using the standard electrical box, but you’ll need to know the weight of the fan. Basically if you do have to add a brace, you’ll need to remove the existing fixture and add the brace to the joists above as shown in this picture from This Old House. They give a great tutorial here.

Some other things to consider when you’re thinking ceiling fans are outlined below.

  1. Get the Right Size

Getting the right size fan for your space is important. Equally important is its placement. Generally ceiling fans for optimum airflow hang eight or nine feet from the floor. Sizing Guidelines are:

Small rooms less than 8 x 8 feet 30-inch diameter fan or smaller
9 x 9 feet to 12 x 12 feet 41-inch to 50-inch diameter fan
12 x 12 feet and 16 x 16 feet 51-inch to 60-inch diameter fan
More than 16 x 16 feet 61-inch to 70-inch diameter fan


  1. Ceiling Fan as a Light Source?

A ceiling fan can be used as the primary light source in a space, however it also may need to be supported with can lights or additional lighting. One option we love too is to use can lights and a ceiling fan only (no lights on the fan). Choices, choices!

We realize that ceilings fans get a bad wrap, but at times it is worth the 8 degrees drop in temperature in a room! We will stop here for now and save our chandelier post for another day.

celing fan

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Wood-Like Tile

Check out these floors. Aren’t they stunning? Would it be too much to say we were floored when we discovered they were not wood at all…but tile?!

When it comes to choosing flooring. Wood like tile is a material that is scratch resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

To achieve the wood plank look, choose the smallest grout line possible, then find the darkest color in your tile, lastly choose one shade deeper for your grout color. This ultimately will make your floor seem more like wood and less like tile.

wood like tile

Image source

You can also choose to go with a pattern when laying your flooring such as this. Not only will it add pattern and movement but it may be a nice change.

Image Source

 Tile is also great in bathrooms since it is water resistant.

Image Source

Lastly, since tile can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, it is a great option for open concept homes, which eliminates transitions.

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See some more wood-like tile examples on our Pinterest board here!

How to Organize Your Pantry

The New Year brings a renewed sense of organization, cleanliness and order.  And we love it!  It feels good to have things in their place, being used and not wasting away.  Today we tackled cleaning our pantry and found these ideas helpful.

  1. Categorize your items into groups. Some groups could be cans, paper goods, baking, snacks, cereals, mixes etc. This way you can begin with the whole picture. An empty pantry is a good way to start and then add each category back in one at a time.

how to organize pantry

Image Source

  1. Label everything and make items easy to to organize pantry

Image Source

  1. Think Layout and place infrequently used items up high. For example, paper towels or hot chocolate etc.
  2. Containers and Lazy susans. Clear containers help you see what you’ve got and take away some of the bulky big boxes. Lazy-susans help you maximize that awkward corner to organize pantry

Image Source

  1. Make it work for you! Each family’s pantry will look different. Find what works and what doesn’t.

Enjoy your cleaning and organizing, not matter if it is the new year or not!



How to Decorate a Christmas Mantel

There is nothing we love more than a classy short cut—especially during the holidays. As simple as these 4 steps are to decorate your mantel this Christmas season you will be able to have time to sit or dance your way into celebrating the New Year. We say this calls for a glass of bubbly, sparkling cider.

1. Choose a focal point. This allows the space to be anchored. A large mirror or a wreath can be a great example of a focal point.

christmas mantel

Image Source

2. Use height and different levels by adding vases, stacked books or picture frames which will give the mantel a nice visual interest. This lets your eyes dance around the various heights and avoids the tendency to focus on just one thing.

Image Source

3. Add greenery. This is where you can have the wreath or you can drape some garland along the mantel.

Image Source

  1. Objects create interest.  Ornaments or old fashioned items of different shapes and sizes can be clustered or spaced as you choose.

Image Source

Keep in mind these steps can be used when decorating a mantel outside the holidays too. To give a more holiday feel, when following these steps look for decorations that give sparkle, metallic, glitter or a frosted look to give that extra shine just right for the holidays.

Light Bulbs: LED vs. CFL? Soft, Bright or Daylight?

I don’t know about you, but light bulb shopping was a lot simpler as a kid.  Now that the government has phased out the incandescent light bulb, I find the new options and choices a little overwhelming. It is all in the name of energy efficiency so I know it is a good thing; I’ve just had to learn a few things.  Here’s what I think can help you too.

LED (light emitting diode) vs. CFL (Compact Florescent Lamp)

cfl vs led

On average a CFL bulb may last around 8,000 hours, and an equivalent LED bulb may last around 25,000 hours. Hands down, LED lights are more efficient. LED lights may be pricier but they will last you a lot longer, and will save on your energy bill if you switch over all the lights in your house.


Which light color to choose can be another confusing task.  The color of light bulbs is measured in Kelvin. The higher degrees of Kelvin the brighter the light. Different bulbs are best used in different places. Check out our info graphic below for what color is best for your needs.

light bulb color

Now if you’re looking to upgrade your light fixtures or for some more lighting ideas visit our Pinterest board here for some inspiration!

Choosing the Right Rug Size

Anchors aren’t just for your next boating trip. The right size rug can actually anchor your space resulting in a look you will love. Rugs create the mood for the rest of the room. Learning how to choose the right size rug will be the difference between whether the room gives off the feel of choppy and disconnected or a positive flow pulling the room all together.

Here is a guide that can help when picking your rug.

right sized rug Image Source


In a bedroom, the rug should be big enough so that you could take one or two steps when getting out of bed.



If you are going for a larger feeling space, show a border around the room’s perimeter. By putting your furniture over the rug, you also create a more intimate feeling space.



In dining rooms, a rug should be big enough that the chairs are pulled out, they are still on the rug.

Image Source

Find some rugs we love, here.

Thanksgiving Table

thanksgiving table

Image Source

Thanksgiving is known for its Turkey Trots and Gobble Walks, all taking place before the actual big Thanksgiving Feast. At these community events, we are either on the sidelines cheering on family members or actually hitting the sidewalk ourselves. Setting the Thanksgiving table beforehand may be all you need to feel a little more prepared, so after the trots and walks you are table-set-ready! Lets start with the runner, a table runners that is.

Image Source

A simple table runner such as this one found at Target has a subtle linen texture that is a perfect accessory for your table. Place a simple floral arrangement with pumpkins, branches and leaves from your backyard to give an all-natural style suitable for the Thanksgiving theme.

Image Source

An idea for the kids’ table is a long strip of brown construction paper with crayons allowing kids to make turkey handprints or write or draw what they are grateful for. You could also put little pumpkins on each place setting and let them color and write on them. Polaroid cameras are also a fun way to capture memories at the table.

Table setting is a trendy business these days, and with Thanksgiving upon us we hope these simple yet classy ideas can be used not only for Thanksgiving, but the other holidays as well.

From our kitchen to yours- with a dash of cinnamon and a dollop of whipped cream, The Room Co.

SHABBY CHIC Design Style

What’s your design style? In this series, we will explore several common design styles. Follow along and become inspired as you learn. Keep in mind that well-balanced homes often incorporate multiple, overlapping design styles.

If you like distressed, cottage-like furniture then Shabby Chic is the design style for you.  Shabby Chic furniture can come across as antiqued and may have layers of paint and show signs of wear and tear. This design style was popular in the 90’s and still today can be quite charming.

Visual Cues:

  1. Distressed Furniture
  2. Linens, Cotton Fabrics
  3. Whites, pastels, natural tones
  4. Antique pieces
  5. Comfortable, warm
  6. Floral designs, especially roses
  7. Vintage
  8. Mix and match furniture, textures, patterns
  9. Crisp, Clean Lines
  10. Feminine

shabby chic

Image Source

Find some more Shabby Chic ideas here!

WESTERN Design Style

What’s your design style? In this series, we will explore several common design styles. Follow along and become inspired as you learn. Keep in mind that well-balanced homes often incorporate multiple, overlapping design styles.

The wild, wild west as they call it can add charm and character to your home.  It’s distinct features set this design style apart from others.   It balances warmth and boldness all in the same space.  It is rustic, but also elegant and cozy at the same time.  Western style homes tend to have open floor plans with distinct wood beams, metals and furniture.

western design

1. Chunky, high profile furniture
2. Rustic beams
3. Warm, bold colors
4. Organic finishes
5. Curved lines (but NOT fussy or ornate)
6. Colorful tile
7. Heavy texture on walls
8. Earthen pottery
9. Desert themed art and accessories
10. Warm, rustic metals

Image Source

The exterior of a Western designed home also is congruent with the design cues and fit naturally in a mountain setting.  Check out more Western Design Style ideas here!

Don’t have a fireplace? Here are some stocking-worthy mantel alternatives

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there…

Today we are offering some stocking-worthy mantel alternatives if your stockings aren’t hung by the chimney with care. Because let’s face it, not everyone has a fireplace or mantel!

  1. Use a Bannister or a Ladder: This is a no hassle way to add stockings to your house!

stocking alternatives

alternative stockings

Image Source

  1. DIY or Buy a Stocking Holder: If you’re trying to save money or get in touch with your creative side, a DIY stocking holder might be just for you. There are several tutorials on the web. Some of our favorites can be found here and here. Another idea is to save yourself time and buy one. This one and this one we thought were charming.

stocking alternative

Image Source


  1. Use an Old Coat Rack: Put an old rack to good use and throwing the stockings on there.


stocking alternatives

Image Source

Now the better question might be, what are the best stocking-stuffers? What brilliant ideas do you have?